Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, K and I have camped a few times together in our 12 years together, but it's always been in a pop up camper.  That was the compromise - I grew up tent camping, he grew up campering.  I spent 12 long years trying to convince him to tent camp.  Well, I finally was successful, and last weeks vacation was tent camping along the blue ridge parkway of North Carolina!!

Between work, K not being home due to his work, and Bug not sleeping real well, it's been a bit stressful.  This vacation my mom babysat Bug for the week (eeks!) and just K and I went.  It was absolutely the best vacation we've had in years!  It was so relaxing, so stress free.  We both really forgot about work (which amazed me that we were both able to!)

Neither one of us managed to find the time to really plan this vacation.  We are planners.  So, for once in our lives we had a completely spontaneous vacation.  We knew where we were going (blue ridge parkway) and our starting point (somewhere near Linville Falls NC) and that was about it.  We left on Sunday, a little later than we originally planned, so about halfway there we decided to find a place in VA (about 3 hours or so from our 'starting point') and camp for the night.  So we did.  Then on Monday we jumped on the parkway just before we crossed into NC and we started driving.  We stopped often and explored the overlooks, did some hiking and took our time getting anywhere.  Monday evening we called a friend that happens to live in NC and she ended up coming and camping with us (for her first time) for a few days (as she was on her 'weekend').  We drove around the parkway (approximately 115 miles of the 469 miles that make it up) and found waterfalls, caverns, and hiking trails.  We started at our southernmost point and slowly worked our way north.  Then we stayed Friday night in VA at the same campground, and drove home Saturday.

We have a fun car (a Mazda Speed 3) and took every opportunity to enjoy it.  We got to be adults and enjoy our time together again.  It was really nice because at the end of stims I was too uncomfortable to make love, and then we couldn't for the first 6 weeks.  Then my RE, instead of releasing me from 'pelvic bedrest' told to me to wait to talk to my OB, which of course was just a couple of weeks ago.  So our vacation was our first time in a few months, and it was VERY MUCH NEEDED (I know, probably TMI).

So, here are some pictures that I took on my cell for you to enjoy of our vacation!

On the initial drive down (the worst of the weather - it was awesome after this.  Sorry about the size on a couple of them!):







And the little imp that made me SO happy to see when we got home:


  1. So glad you had such an awesome time with K! Adult time can be so rejuvinating!

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation too. We have one coming up this summer and I am SO looking forward to it!!!

  3. This sounds divine! I just realized the other day that I have about a 90% better chance of hanging out with my friends than I do my own husband. That ain't right. So happy you got away.